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Alterations | BD Alterations Dry Cleaners - La Vergne, TN

In this age of mass-produced clothes, it’s hard to find something that fits perfectly right off the rack. You normally try to find something that’s close and make do with it, but you don’t have to settle for anything less than a perfect fit. With our custom alterations, you can find the clothes that you love and let us make them fit perfectly.

Our affordable customizing services can be used when you need a minor change here or there to love how all of your favorite clothes look on you. We are proud to offer the following services, so you can always feel fantastic about how you look.

Hems – Pants that are too long drag the ground and threaten to trip you. Let us hem them to the perfect length for your needs and style. Bring the shoes that you will wear with the pans to ensure that we take them to the ideal length.

Sleeve Length – If you struggle with sleeves that are too long, then you may have resigned yourself to rolling them up. This lacks style and it’s inconvenient. Let us shorten the sleeves to suit you perfectly and help you look great.

A Little Nip – Perhaps the waistline sags just a little bit on your new shirt. We can take it in so it will look better on you and hang perfectly.

Adjust the Waistband – If the waist of your pants is folding and buckling underneath your belt, you can count on us to make the necessary adjustments and provide you with a fantastic fit.

Other services have nothing to do with altering the fit and everything to do with basic repairs. Before you toss that shirt or jacket, let us see if we can fix it and allow you to continue enjoying it.

Zippers – Even expensive jackets can come with cheap plastic zippers that are prone to breaking. A new zipper is more affordable than a new coat, and we can provide you with a quality metal one that will last.

Seams – A single weak stitch can cause a seam to fail, but you can still enjoy your favorite clothes by trusting us to fix the problem.

Buttons – If you can, try to find the button and bring it with you. Otherwise, we can try to match the button or replace all of them if necessary.

We offer a 20-percent discount to seniors, government workers and vets, so visit us today to see how we can keep your favorite clothes looking great and fitting you beautifully. We offer repair services as well as adjustments for hems, waistlines and more. Call us today to see how we can help you.